Fabulous high jewellery designed in Paris

High jewellery designed in Paris especially for you

Make a wish: with passion Cécile Arnaud takes up the challenge to design an enchanting jewel, unique to you.

Cécile Arnaud creates elegant sets of sensual and exquisite jewels. Her talent has been recognized by the most prestigious jewellery houses and international private clients whom she is too discreet to mention. The company’s designs give rise to sumptuous and unique jewellery and watches.

Working in the city of light, Paris, the company draws on a rich tradition of high jewellery and watch design, and is surrounded by the finest fashion trends and the most experienced practitioners.

Rings (wedding rings, solitary, engagement rings, cocktail rings, signet rings), earrings (creoles, sleepers, drop earrings), pendants, necklaces, chains, bracelets, anklets, bracelet-rings, wristbands, belts, tiaras, clip pins, shoe clips, gem-bags, cufflinks, watches and small clocks - all these are possible.

Cecile Arnaud Créations works also for a diversity of industries, including goldsmiths, glass, fabric and leather goods manufacturers and interior designers.

Jewellery from your personal inspiration

All jewellery designs start with an inspiration: a person or place, a memory, a colour, a photograph, a poem or a piece of music. The company will then invest research into your ideas and produce some sketches. One of these will be selected as a basis for the final drawing, done by hand, which will act as a workshop blueprint.

Gems, precious metals and craftsmanship

The transition from design to fabrication is smoothly managed though a detailed understanding of gems and precious metals and by an ability to work alongside even the finest craftsmen in their workshops. This enables the results to be as dazzling and as beautiful as you had first dared to hope.