Cécile Arnaud - tailor-made luxury and sensuality

Cécile Arnaud - Parisian high jewellery designer
The talent of Cecile Arnaud contributes to the design of timeless jewels, which undoubtedly will leave eternal impressions, evidence of true luxury.

Cécile Arnaud is a passionate designer of high jewellery and watches. With subtle and soft eyes that reveal an energy strong enough to lift mountains, her creativity expresses itself with both subtlety and force.

Cécile Arnaud started her career at Paris’ prestigious Ecole de la bijouterie- joaillerie, BJO. She has held a variety of positions within the high jewellery industry in Paris, including being manager of creative services in Van Cleef & Arpels.

She founded Cécile Arnaud Créations in 2002. The company has been commissioned variously by the Swatch group, Breguet, Léon Hatot, Dior and many others in different countries. This exposure to the world of high jewellery has given the company a broad and impressive understanding of the global jewellery business.

Creativity and inspiration

Each of the company’s individual designs is usually commissioned by a jewellery house and/or by private clients, with the starting point being either a visual theme or a specific anniversary, paying homage to personal achievement or launching a new collection. For each of these possibilities, initial ideas are drawn and painted by hand. They reveal a real and fascinating artistic vision and create a real impact. They are vital selling point for clients.

"People I work for appreciate the way I conceive true high jewellery. Like a chameleon, I immerse myself in the universe and the heritage of their brand in order to perceive all their artfulness. Once all absorbed, I can then set a trend for the new collections of these prestigious companies, without divulging their identity."

Expertise in gemmology

Cécile Arnaud Créations understands the technical intricacies surrounding gemstones and precious metals. Having worked with various high jewellery workshops in Paris, the company is extremely well-versed in the process of jewellery manufacture.

The company has partners in all sectors of the jewellery business and is therefore extremely well-placed to take an initial design right through to manufacture.

Design, service and consultancy

With a proven track record in the business, Cécile Arnaud Créations can take an idea and turn it into something dazzling and spectacular. If you are seeking specialists with whom to entrust a special order, you will know in advance that the results will be unique.

Cécile Arnaud Créations understands marketing and communication constraints. You can contact the company for advice on individual projects at practically any level: design elaboration, the selection of raw materials (precious metals and stones), production-costing, outsourcing evaluation, the selection of sympathetic production methodologies, brand consistency and development.

International clients can be provided with a range of services, including the strengthening of a creative department’s aesthetic skills, and technical briefings for workshops.

Cécile Arnaud Créations creates the link between idea and reality and can connect the richness of tradition with the vibrancy of the contemporary.