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Made for David Morris

Haute Joaillerie


I work with professionals in the high jewelry and watchmaking industries. Whether you're a major brand or a family-run business, I listen to your wishes and offer you my expertise.

My design office (Cécile Arnaud) offers my professional customers a wide range of services, from research and reinforcement of the aesthetic sense of the design departments to aesthetic and technical advice in the manufacturing workshops, all with respect for the brand and its development.

Each request meets a specific need:

- Inserting your brand in adapted creations.

- Give your brand personality.

- Find the "elixir" to restore freshness and dynamism to appeal to younger generations.

- Stand out from the competition with trendy, innovative pieces.

The company will also work on a visual theme, celebrating an event, launching a collection of magnificent gems or carrying out a special order...

If you're an individual looking for a unique creation, I'll understand your sensibility and personality to produce a creation that's surprising, discreet or spectacular. The discovery of your riches and your universe will personify the jewel you desire.

" Precious stones are a gift from the earth magnified by the hand of man. "

Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Tourmaline, Peridot, Beryl, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli...

" I help you find the stone or stones that will illuminate your personality in an exceptional creation. "

Cécile Arnaud's design office works in collaboration with some of Paris's leading workshops, and is fully conversant with manufacturing techniques. I'm in a privileged position to be able to follow a piece from conception to completion.


Special orders


Exceptional achievements

Boehmer and Bassenge dazzle at Christie's jewelry sales


La Vie Bohème: A pair of haute couture "Chandelier" earrings

Two bows at the top are set with pink diamonds and hold the soft, romantic motif emblematic of Boehmer & Bassenge.

 Set in the center are two marquise diamonds, each weighing approx. 10.07 and 10.05 carats, D Flawless.

The diamond curtain at the bottom lends this luminous ensemble an extremely sensual touch of femininity and fluidity.

Estimate is : 2-3 million dollars

Isabelle's garden: A "bewitching" necklace

At its center are 3 diamonds, 91.08 carats, highlighted by a festoon of 258 pink diamonds, 3.92 carats, all held by a garland of diamonds.
All stones are D-color and of impeccable clarity.
Estimate for the necklace is : $8-12 million.

Promise of Spring: "On the dew-covered leaves spreads the sparkling light of solitary flowers".

Two oval-shaped diamonds, each weighing 11.13 and 11.03 carats, are nestled in a diamond foliage, suspended by a freshly blooming flower.

The estimate is : 2-3 million dollars

jewelry expertise



A nugget that deserves to be reawakened.


The Swatch Group bought Leon Hatot at auction in 1999.

For 8 years from 2005, I had the immense privilege of taking over the artistic direction of this fine house, creating more than 15 haute joaillerie collections as well as dozens of watches. All these pieces were created in keeping with the stylistic code of the time: the decorative arts.

Today this house is dormant, a nugget that deserves to be reawakened ...







Jewelry that reflects your desires

The conception of a piece sometimes begins with a dream: a person, a place, a memory, a color, a photograph, a poem, music...

Cécile Arnaud's design office will take a close look at your wishes and propose several sketches or drafts.

The winning proposal will be used to create a hand-colored gouache drawing, which will serve as a model for the fabrication workshop.

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